Yarn-bombing Whyte Ave

So, last night I learned how to crochet…alongside being intent on creating relatable art and practicing random acts of kindness, fiber arts can be a powerful way to make a statement of warmth in what can often feel like a cold world.  So I made a neck-warmer, added a note, and tied it to a parking meter.  Yep, a parking meter.  Because why not?

This being my first yarn-bombing adventure, I had a few things running through my mind, but the piece that stands out is the inner need for anonymity.  I found this a very strange reflection, but it came from a fear of being discovered as an individual wanting to make change, which I also found was odd because I am generally very grateful for that aspect of myself.  However, in this case, I had the option of writing my note on a paper that had my name on it and very intentionally chose not to use it in favor of the scrap card I had in my purse.  Interesting exploration!

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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