A Little Bit of Background


In browsing through many blogs this evening, I realized that I have thus far been quite vague in my previous posts. And, while I do believe that a picture can speak a thousand words, I also have a constant love affair with the power of the word so decided to post a more detailed explanation for the creation of this blog.  Although I have contributed to a few other blogs (www.westwoodgrove.org being the most prominant), this is the first one I have undertaken as my own.

I, like every other human I know in this big, beautiful, crazy life, wear many “hats”.  I have many roles that play a part in collectively defining what it means to be “me”: artist, poet, Unitarian Universalist, person with a disability, dialysis patient, friend, community builder…like with anyone, the list could go on forever.  But I’ve recently been inspired…to make little, mostly anonymous, pieces of guerrilla art that may or may not make someone’s day a little brighter.  I’m very aware of life’s hardships, and I don’t pretend otherwise, but I firmly believe that we can’t always know the impact that we can have as individuals in this crazy interconnected world that we are a part of.

So I’m setting out to challenge myself: one month of daily guerrilla love.  At least because who knows what it could spark?  Every day that I succeed at this challenge there will be a blog post to accompany whatever random act of creative kindness this insane artist brain comes up with.  So!  Feel free to join me on this adventure!  I’d love to be one of many insane artist brains on this endeavour!  Feel free to make suggestions or take on a similar challenge if it feels fun to you!  Or just sit back and watch, whatever makes your day a little brighter. 😉

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


6 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Background

  1. Fantastic post. I’m loving your creations and outlook on life. Keep up the good work. I did post a picture somewhere of my painted pebbles. I’ll try to find them again as you’ve just reminded me of them.

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