Butterfly Effects

Day three of my challenge, and the ideas a coming on strong! For today’s guerrilla art project, I put together a poster with a mirror in the middle, wrote a two-liner poem, and then put it up with an interactive component in the bus shelter outside of the University Hospital.
Here was the first step…I had a gorgeous butterfly image that my Mom gave me, and it wanted to fly out into the world!

An Artist’s bliss on my bedroom floor!

The finished product, including the interactive question piece.

All up at the bus-shelter! 

I’ve spent a lot of time at this hospital…I put quite a bit of thought into where to hang this today, and decided based on thinking about how much I would have appreciated this kind of a boost during my stays there.  Here’s hoping it puts a smile on someone’s face!

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely

#yegstreetart #guerrillaart #guerrillalovely #spreadlove

Guerrilla Lovely


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