Fire-hydrant Hat

Today, I learned how to crochet a hat!  There was a sale on yarn a few days ago, so I had stocked up so that I could go crazy with yarn-bombing and such.  That being said, I had a friend raise an interesting point: although yarn-bombing is cool for a while, it needs upkeep or it just gets mouldy and gross as days pass and the yarn is exposed to the elements.  I reassured her that my yarn-bombs were temporary and intended as gifts to whomever spotted them first!  In this spirit of temporary public art/random gifts of guerrilla kindness, I made a hat today.
Here it is, sealed with a kiss and ready to go!  


And the other side of the sealed message… 


I put it on a fire-hydrant in a pretty prominant location with the hope that it will get snagged relatively quickly!   

The interesting piece of today’s project was that I was pondering putting the hat on the head of a sculpture near where it ended up, but didn’t because someone would have had to climb it to retrieve it, which I somehow felt crossed some sort of invisible line of social conduct that would prevent it from being easily accessible. 

Until tomorrow!

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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