You aRe Loved

There’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee and a delicious homemade pastry to fuel the creative spirit!  I can hardly believe that this little corner of cyber-space has had almost 350 views in four short days! Thank you all so much for supporting this experimental pet project and helping spread love in this big, wide world!

For today’s random act of guerrilla art, I finally put the red Sharpie that’s been hanging out in my purse to good use!  

I finger-crocheted a quick border, signed the back with a hashtag, and then attached a bracelet that I made a while back that was in need of a home.  And then…I came for a cup ‘a joe!  Because coffee. 😉

This little love-stone is chilling at the Transcend Coffee off 99st.  It feels quite content with the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and smell of freshly roasted coffee, but it still needs a home in someone’s heart!

Thank you again for your support!

Love always,

Guerrilla Lovely


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