Love Rocks

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Canadian readers!  On the subject of gratitude…I feel so very blessed on so many levels.  It’s been a really difficult week of loss, but I have so many loving and incredible people around me that I can’t sink too far without being lifted back up; I have constant inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing because of how many amazing examples are shining beside me.

For today’s project, I put my new mad crochet skills (well, madly developing, at any rate…😜) to work again and made a drawstring bag…then filled it with Love Rocks, stuck a note on it, and put it in a conspicuous spot in another coffee shop.  

Here’s the pictorial documentation of the process! 

First, the stones…  

…then the funky bag with the note…   

…and all in position!  

What are you grateful for this weekend?

Much Love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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