Be Master Builders

Good evening, everyone! I’m just about to head out for today’s guerrilla art project…I’m cat-sitting for a friend and don’t have Internet there, so I shall post process photos and just explain the rest, otherwise this post would be a day late!

I’m an avid Lego collector and love building various sets, but I recently noticed that my completed sets were literally just collecting dust and decided that was unacceptable.  So! I picked my favourite out of the bunch and wrote a poem aimed at children that basically said this one set had enough bricks for many creations and that sharing was the fun part of playing with Lego.  Then I wrote, “Be Master Builders!” on the set with a sharpie, and now I’m off to put it on the front steps of the closest elementary school.  For those of you that haven’t seen The Lego Movie…well, I recommend it, but if that doesn’t appeal, the “Master Builders” are those that can create from their imaginations rather than just following a set of building instructions.
Here’s the set I chose! It’s a hobbit hole! 

Here is the writing on the wall…and the attached letter, sealed with a kiss!

What do YOU want to build in life?

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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