Lovely Monsters

Today was such a gorgeous fall day that I decided to make an adventure out of it!  I’d been pondering making rock monsters for a few days now, so I meandered over to Michael’s to pick up everything that I needed to make it happen.  Here is the treasure pile that happened on my table as a result of this trip!

The wiggly eyes really inspired me, so I made a whole pack of Lovely Monsters! 

Then the real fun began…at first, I thought about just putting them all together in a park or something, but I scratched that idea and decided to spread them around the neighbourhood! 

One wanted to live on a park bench… 

…one was more partial to a bus-stop shelter along 99st… 

…and one settled in on a nice pile of rocks near a playground! 

While inconspicuously placing rocks was fun, when I got to the playground there were a couple families with small children that we’re having a lot of fun running around and blowing bubbles with some epic bubble wands!  The kids loved the last two monsters that I had with me, and their Mom thought making them might be a fun craft as well!  I encouraged her to do whatever she liked with the idea, and left the park feeling fantastic that I had been able to put some smiles on faces and plant some creative seeds!

This may have been my favourite project so far…and I still have lots of googly eyes!!!

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


5 thoughts on “Lovely Monsters

    1. In what sense? When I think “provocative”, I get an association with a piece being…jarring in some sense. My intention is to put positive, feel good messages out into the world. Is there a way that these two concepts can intermingle? Because I don’t want to jar people…I know there is a purpose for that, and it can be insightful, but I often feel overwhelmed by jarring imagery; I’d like to create the hope and inner space that we can act purposefully from, and, personally, that space closes up when I am overwhelmed. So I guess that leads me to the question: how can one be provocative without triggering defenses? Or, perhaps, how can provocative go hand in hand with creating safe space?


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