Food for Thought

Yesterday evening I got a comment that said, “be provocative”.  I had quite a few questions about this (you can check out the comments on the previous post if you are curious) and was genuinely concerned about the idea of “provocation”.   This project is intended to follow my own mission to build safe spaces where people feel loved and accepted, both online and in real life.  However, I put a lot of thought into how I could be provocative without disrupting the atmosphere that I want to create, and this project is the first result of these ponderings.

Deciding to address a social issue with a project in a thought-provoking way was my first solution.  There are man social issues that are both dear to my heart and frustrate me to no end, so choosing one was a tad challenging.  I eventually combined an environmental statement with a commentary on food scarcity and came up with the following.

This first photo is a little ambiguous, yes?  I’m getting my materials ready!  Took my new crocheting skills to a new level by using plastic bags instead of yarn.

The first aspect begins to take shape…

…and eventually becomes this basket.

The second step involved composing a clear message to go with the installation.  I decided on poetry, both to lighten the load and to stay consistent with my previous messages.

The last step was buying a bag of apples to fill the basket with.  I did this, and then found an inviting picnic table to place the project on.

There is a huge social disconnect between us and our food sources, and it is easy to forget that the majority of what we consume was once a part of a living, thriving organism.  We pay a price, but what price do we really pay for this disconnect?  It’s one that to me often feels insurmountable, but remembering to be grateful for the life that gave itself for me to eat seems to help heal that rift.

Much love,

Guerilla Lovely


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