Let’s Create Beauty Together!

This week has been a little bit of a gong-show; between taking care of four cats, my day job, election fever, and home dialysis, I’ve been one busy kitten!  So, I’m not giving up on my daily guerrilla art project because it has been bringing me so much joy, but today’s is a simple project…and tomorrow’s will be epic! 😉

Children make my heart super happy; they have so much energy and hope and enthusiasm for life that I want them to teach me.  Which is one big reason that I’m likely going to be aiming a lot of these projects at children…also, because let’s face it: us adults can be pretty lame sometimes, what with work and all of our respective “reality checks”.  It’s far more difficult to get us to engage with the world around us outside of our habitual modes.

Today’s project is a poem; no further frills, just a simple piece in big, bold colours that I’m going to stick on a school’s front door once I finish my dialysis run for the evening.  I’ll post a photo of the first page, and then type out the rest so everyone can read the whole thing.

 Our Earth is feeling lonely,

So send Her some love;

Love comes from inside

As well as from above.

Make something new

Out of something old,

Don’t be afraid to be different and


Recycle, up-sycle, make mistakes,

But do everything YOU CAN

To help raise the stakes;

Keep life healthy,

Give from the heart;

It’s not the only answer,

But at least it’s a start!

An added note: of all the creative arts and medias that I have pursued so far (it’s a long list…I’m the crazy creative personality type that has a hard time focusing on one form for very long, which is another reason I’m having so much fun with this project!), poetry is my biggest creative constant. I rarely go more than a week without writing one…or a few…and I’ve had a few periods where I’ve disciplined myself into a daily poem for months at a time.  So, chances are there will be poetry integrated into many of these guerrilla art projects!  Because why not?  As  Margaret Atwood so aptly observed, “A word after a word after a word is power.”

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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