Signs of Peace

Today marks my last day of cat-sitting.  While I am excited to return home, this morning I found myself really enjoying watching people interact with last night’s project that I had placed conspicuously in a pine tree across the street.  A few people stopped and read the inscription, and one couple even took pictures of it; I felt honoured to have helped create an unusual experience for folks on their daily walk!

I really deeply believe that little creative acts can create peace in our world; just look at Yoko Ono’s various initiatives.  Our city centre was lit up with one of her installations a couple weeks ago, and it was a strong motivation for me because I saw how something simple can be incredibly moving.  

While enjoying peering out at the peace hanging, I decided to play with rocks again today.  Sharpies are so much fun, and stones hold a lot of meaning in their very existence; solid, grounding, seemingly ageless, foundational.  So I coloured a whole wack of them using the brightest colours in the package!  Many of them say “love” on the back, in case kids saw the finished project and wanted to take one home.

I wandered over to a park in a different area of town and arranged these little gems into a peace sign, and then took chalk to the sidewalk and wandered on home. 

There’s something about creative action that shifts consciousness…at least, I observe myself shifting when I am being faithfully creative.  The act itself gives me a sense of purpose, even though I can’t always know how it will be recieved.  The joy is in the mystery!

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


4 thoughts on “Signs of Peace

  1. You are a perfect soul for Bloggers For Peace. When, and if you’re interested take a peek. You can google it, or you may be able to access it from the icon on my side bar. See ya soon. Have a great evening! Peace.


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