Crochet All Day!

As some of you may have noticed a few posts back, I am a big Margaret Atwood fan.  Back when she and Alanis Morissette got together here in Edmonton to discuss their experiences as women artists living here in the Great White North, Ms. Atwood spoke quite extensively on was the idea of gift economy.  Much of what she discussed on this topic resonated with me, and I continue to be inspired by the idea as time goes on.

Canada isn’t known as the Great White North for nothing; the winters here are frigid, and it is already dropping below zero degrees on some nights.  Sadly, even with this fact, homelessness and poverty are both still rampant.  I may only be one person, but I want to do my part to, at the very least, make people’s lives a little bit easier.  I had this notion affirmed in a beautiful way when I was notified that one of my previous projects had made it onto Reddit; I’ve never even used Reddit, so this was a really exciting surprise!  So, today was centered around warming a few people up, which is why I crocheted all day!  I’m still learning, but I worked as fast as I possibly could to create a pile of scarves…

…wrote a note to go with each one…

…seeled them all, and decorated a tree near a neighborhood school!

I’m super aware that these little acts likely won’t change the world…but they might change someone’s world, which is why I’m still doing this; it’s impossible to know how far a little act of love will go.  Hopefully, this one will make a few people a little warmer this winter.

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


9 thoughts on “Crochet All Day!

    1. Thank you…I hope so, too, but I guess that not knowing for sure is part of what attracts me to keep going. However, the apples in a basket made it onto a random Reddit post, which was pretty cool! I tried to post the link but it wouldn’t let me 😏


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