Treasure Hunt

When I was a little girl growing up in Saskatchewan, my Dad used to fuel my imagination with stories of elves and fairies living on the east coast.  While this may have been a part of many childhoods, he took it to the next level and would plant little notes and presents and treasures “from the elves” for me to discover, including a care package from them the one time he went to visit Nova Scotia. I knew it was him, but absolutely loved pretending that I was in contact with a hidden society of miniature people living under the rocks and in the forest behind our cabin.  This alternate world gave me something to escape to amidst a more than fair share of medical drama, and I’m still hugely grateful that he encouraged such fantasies.  Today’s project was partly inspired by this childhood experience, and partly by a desire to nurture curiosity in our next generation.  

It began with two treasure chests… 

I purchased little packages of craft supplies and one of chocolate jack-o-lanterns to fill them with, and then it was time to decorate! 


Both chests are basically coloured the same way and say the same thing save for a few minor pattern variations.  Both chests contain a bottle of glue, googly eyes, some feathers, and the chocolates.  Once these were put together, I revisited the park where the Lovely Monsters had been given out and hid them in plain sight for kids to stumble on. 

I am always so grateful for my well-nurtured sense of wonder that it is a trait that I hope to bring into life as it was created for me.  What brings a sense of wonder to you?  

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


14 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt

  1. I get a sense of wonder from being able to walk my dog Zoey in the beautiful Autumn evenings that we have been enjoying.

    I get a sense of wonder just reading your blog and your marvellous and creative interaction with the world around you.

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