Be the Change

Today felt extra inspiring for some reason…perhaps it was the gorgeous fall sky, or perhaps it was getting my warrior on to help advocate for family getting stuck in a miscommunication loop, but regardless, there was oomph in my spirit!

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the many things that really excites me about this project is having an opportunity to find a good use for recycled materials that otherwise I may not have thought of.  One of the materials that, thanks to dialysis, I have A LOT of, is cardboard boxes.  Like, enough for me and a friend to be Lego for Halloween this year.  But I digress.  Point in order: cardboard boxes.  So, one of the things on my newly composed list of project ideas was, “Beautified bin of food in park with poem”.  And that, friends, was what I did today!  

Can I just say that I am unbelievably grateful to have enough food and resources that I can share it with the community?  Unbelievably grateful.  Life is so abundant.

I got to start my day with paints!  I was extra stoked to get my hands dirty for the first time since…well, yesterday’s project if I’m honest…but I hadn’t painted in quite a while, so I was excited!  (I do paint more fine art type work as well, but this awesome guerrilla art challenge I’ve set out on has been fulfilling that creative drive…perhaps someday I’ll post some of my more artsy/slightly less crafty pieces).

Every side of the box got to hold different words, and I made a lid by wiring a piece of cardboard onto the top of the box.

The last step was to fill it with food and put it in a park, which was completed a mere half hour ago!  It was mostly non-perishables, but I also included a bag of apples and a bag of oranges in with the granola bars and dried nuts and fruits thinking that it it likely cold enough out now to keep them from going bad in less than a week.

I guess I just feel like to live in a gift economy, one needs to do their part to ensure that others feel that there are gifts in life…it’s so easy to get weighed down with all the responsibilities of this strange phenomenon called adulthood that we can forget to have fun and love each other…so that’s what I want to create: a world where we can have fun together and love each other.

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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