Scarf Bridge

My heart feels so full today I barely even know where to begin!  I’m pretty sure that I have the best job in the world (for me), and today I managed to integrate this project that I love with the job that I love…and, well, you’ll see the results in a minute, but I just want to send a shoutout of gratitude to the AMAZING kids in my Children’s Program at Westwood Unitarian right off the bat!  Thank you so much for all of your help and enthusiasm and kind words!

Okay, now I’ll start from a different beginning…at Westwood, we work with the model of themed ministry, and have been for a few years now.  Our theme this month is “Building Bridges of Faith”, so I wanted to find a project that could have a real world application for our kids to work on…which led me to the Scarf Bridge brainchild.  Because what could illustrate building a bridge of faith better than, well, building a bridge of faith?  So, with the generous donation of a kind neighbor, many hands cuttings scarves and writing notes, and A LOT of love, this pile of scarves and words of encouragement emerged: 


This was an incredible start and today’s project couldn’t have happened without all of this work and care, but there were still a lot of steps left to getting my envisioned Scarf Bridge built.  A couple of posts ago, I mentioned Y.E.S.S., or Youth Empowerment and Support Services, a charitable organization here in Edmonton.  Fortuitously, right near the Y.E.S.S. shelter there is an overpass with a walking bridge, so this is where I planned to install these heartfelt gifts of warmth for the coming winter.  For this, as well as for tying many notes onto many scarves, I had a lovely helper elf, my friend Heather!  Here we are prepping all the scarves… 


…and here is our completed pile, ready for installation! 

All that remained was to actually tie these onto the bridge near the shelter, so Heather and I set out to do this a little after dark…and I’m glad that we did it tonight because it was COLD, and hopefully there will be a few more warm bodies once these are discovered. 

We added the ages of the note writers as well, just so whomever found them would know that they are being thought of by the young and…slightly less young. 😉

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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