Restoration Day

My inner gas tank was still feeling super low today, so I decided that one more day of self-nurturing type creativity was in order before I could genuinely feel well enough to be freely gifting random acts of Guerrilla goodness.  Hopefully two days of yoga classes and hot baths will perk me up so that I’m in a better space again, but in the meantime I put my creative energy into a long-term project that I have been crafting for a good friend’s daughter and this wonderful book that I found at the Edmonton Art Gallery of things to draw.

  My newly acquired mad crochet skills are starting to actually feel like a skill, so I put them to the test in order to craft a sweater for this doll, which is also entirely handmade.  She still needs one more sleeve to stay warm this winter, but I’m excited to put her in the mail in time for Christmas!  I’m also considering making a shirt to go underneath because I had bought material specifically for that purpose before I knew how to crochet…we’ll see, it’s a work in progress!

Now I’m relaxing and in sketching mode, which is definitely something I don’t take enough time for amidst all the busy daily doings so it’s a nice treat.  If you enjoy sketching or doodling, check out this book; it’s a great way to set aside the inner judge and just let loose on the page. 

I get to let my little child artist come out in it, which is much needed after the past couple of weeks.

What do you do to nurture yourself after a particularly difficult time?  

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


4 thoughts on “Restoration Day

  1. Letting your inner child come out by drawing and sketching is a wonderful release, I love the doll and all of your creative work on it. When I am stressed, I go for a walk with my beautiful dog who constantly reminds me of the grass, trees, sky and squirrels. These walks always refresh me especially if I am tired and cranky.

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