Playground Puzzle

Today’s project is one of my favorites to date! I found this really cool wooden puzzle at Michael’s yesterday when I went out to snag supplies for work.  It was just blank, so I was super stoked to paint it up and create a game out of it.

I primed it last night, and then spent most of today illustrating it.  I pondered over how to make it into a game, and finally decided to turn it into a playground treasure hunt.  To do this, I simply labeled the back of all he pieces with a number and, “Find all 9 pieces!”  

Here is the finished piece put together!

I waited until after dark to go and hide all the pieces so there aren’t pictures of where they are, but they are spread out nicely in one of the neighborhood elementary school playgrounds.  Under slides, beside picnic tables, and on swing-sets, oh my!  Creating a sense of adventure and wonder is the aim, putting the pieces together is the name of the game! 😉

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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