Street-posts and Semicolons

Welcome back! 

My Mom has been in town visiting from Saskatchewan for the past few days, so I took a bit of a blogging sabbatical to spend more time with her. However, I was still plotting and crocheting a lot over the weekend!  

I believe from here on out I am going to aim to do two to three projects per week; both so that I can put more energy into them and so that I have more energy to put elsewhere.  I really appreciate everyone’s support in helping my get this off the ground, it’s been a big and beautiful learning curb on a lot of levels! 

I worked on today’s project over a noodle bowl at my favourite restaurant on Whyte Ave… 

…and then put it out in the park near my yoga studio!  Pretty cute, huh? 😊 

The other BIG thing I did this past weekend was go in with a friend (remember my helper, Heather?) to get a semicolon tattoo…we had been thinking about it for a while, and after some research on suicide rates in LGBTQ youth (second leading cause of death in Canada!?) decided it was time.  So…here’s a thumb up to all the Warriors out there.  Let’s keep the conversation going to show kids that they have a world that they can feel loved and supported in. 

May there be many more warriors and lovers, and less victims as we mo e forward.

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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