Monster Messages

Disclaimer: Guerrilla Lovely has had WAY too much fun with this project! Side effects of scrolling down may include (but are not limited to) feelings of overwhelming jubilation, vision obstructed by cuteness, and the unquenchable desire to create your own adorable monster.  Proceed at your own risk!

I was browsing Pinterest the other day and discovered polymer clay monsters that were pretty much too cute for words, so, being me, I decided that I had to integrate such monstrous inspiration into a guerrilla art project.  Because adorable monsters!  I confess this required a trip to Michael’s to purchase white polymer clay, but I also discovered a use for an old tea tin so didn’t entirely fall off the reused objects bandwagon!  

Creating this little guy was an all evening process, but I only got photos of the completed project because I left my iPad at a friend’s house. Oh well!

I’ve been playing with polymer clay for years now, but I’ve never made something quite this large before and it was a lot of fun!  The idea of a message in a bottle has always appealed to me due to the adventure that is often associated with such, so I decided to make my own version to appeal to some mystery person’s curiosity.  There is a note inside in classic Guerrilla Lovely poetic form.  It basically portrays the message that this monster can hold secret treasures, but that the truest treasures are shared joy and love.  Then, of course I had to integrate crochet in somehow, so I gave it a nice, warm scarf!

This little monster is currently residing on a table at Friends and Neighbors on Whyte Ave, but is looking for a new place to call home!  

If monster adoption is up your ally, come on by!  I highly recommend the French Toast!

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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