Lest We Forget/Gift for My Mother

Lest we forget

The lives that were given,

Lest we forget

The lies that have driven;

Lest we forget

That we deeply crave peace,

Lest we forget

We are one human race;

Lest we forget

For what we have fought,

Lest we forget

The love that we’ve sought;

Lest we forget

We are both many and one,

Lest we forget

The warmth of the sun

That shines down upon us

To touch us with grace;

Every heart and

Every face.

Perhaps this is a few days late to honor Remembrance Day, but it seems appropriate in light of the heart-breaking events of this past few days.  Drawing it soothed my own heart somewhat after a day of being swept up in tragic stories on Facebook, so I felt that sharing it might be appreciated.  

Upon hearing the news of the multiple bombings that shook the world on Friday, I decided to call my Mom because I was feeling so heavy-hearted that I was craving the familiar.  I shared what I had posted as a Facebook status with her, and she requested that I write a blog that included it and a photo of the hat that I made for her.   Hence, here are the two requested pieces, as promised.   I love you, Mama! ๐Ÿ’š

“As long as we are attacking each other in words, thoughts, or deeds, we are all victims.  Every one of us.  Because as long as we are attacking each other, regardless of the reasons we have convinced ourselves of, we are attacking ourselves and those we love.  Come on, humanity, wake up.  I’m praying for our hearts to heal. Every heart. Because all of us are broken.”

– me, รก la Facebook.

Feel free to use the poem if you so wish, it is a piece that I put together to add a bit of flare to the image.  Loving kindness going out to everyone in these difficult days.

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


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