Granny Squares for Peace

The events of last weekend touched me very deeply, prompting me to do the one thing that I know I can do to make a difference: create something beautiful out of the pain.  So, feeling limited by my inability to follow a crochet pattern, I bought a book on making granny squares and buckled down to learn the basics. 

I’ve spent most of this week creating squares, and can now follow and create a basic pattern (on paper, that is!).  So I’ve gathered a few friends together on Facebook and have put together this quilt pattern.  I have no idea how many squares I’ll receive, so I have no idea how many quilts will end up being created, but I’m continuing to crochet non-stop so that there can be at least one! This first quilt will be donated to one of the many organizations here in Edmonton that are working to welcome and support 3000 Syrian refugees in the next year.

This is the basic sketch; the 25 squares in the centre are 6’x6′ , and the remaining squares surrounding are 5’x5′.  The negative and positive space are reversed for simplicity’s sake, but the peace sign will be bright/warm colours and the background dark/cold colours.

 Here are some of the completed squares! This first blanket will be a huge, family-sized throw! Three people have added squares to this pile so far; it  is being crafted with much love!

I welcome any and all who want to contribute to this project!  Add me (Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet) on Facebook with a granny square pm, and I will send you the address to send squares to! I welcome all colours and patterns of square as long as they are either 6’x6′ or 5′ x5′.😊

As you may have guessed, this will be a long-term project; I am aiming to be finished this first quilt by sometime within the holiday season. I am personally completing between 1 and 5 squares per day currently, but that may increase as I get faster with practice!  That being said, I’ll likely shift the nature of this blog to follow general arts and writing, as well as hosting guest guerrilla artists, as I zone in to focus on getting this project done.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to be featured as well!

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


6 thoughts on “Granny Squares for Peace

  1. What a fantastic idea. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I don’t crochet….that’s a lie, I did once try….that’s it really. Are you willing to accept knitted ones or just crocheted? In the UK, 6′ would be equivalent to 6 feet, just a warning in case someone does crochet something that large. ” would denote inches.

    Love the front of that back and as much as I want to start something else, I must at least finish my one sock. I’ll happily send you some knitted ones though.

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  2. This reminds me of a project I worked on many years ago. It was a quilt for a friend’s 50th birthday. We all went to a quilter’s home where she gave a workshop on how to make panels for the quilt. I drew a spider on my panel. There are many myths dealing with spiders in ancient Egypt and Greece. The image I copied was from a postcard that your Mom had sent me, which I still have on my fridge. When I was finished the panel, I joined a group of people working on the quilt and spent a very happy day sewing and laughing. It was a outstanding experience.

    You will reap marvellous benefits with Granny Squares for Peace.

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    1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day! I know the postcard you mean…the spider in that context is the symbol of the Crone, or wise woman. I love that piece of Mom’s, and write an egg with that symbol for Easter most years 😊
      Mom says hi back! I bet she’d love to hear from you…she’s been having a bit of a rough go lately. πŸ’š

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