The Pysanky Project

Reflecting back, I realized that it was creating pysanky that started this blog, albeit indirectly. For those of you unaware of the tradition, pysanky are Ukrainian decorated eggs.  The word means “to write”, and each egg is a written prayer in symbol form.  I have written eggs since I was a child, as I grew up in a Ukrainian family and community, but last year I was inspired by the wax that is used to create them with…and  Creating a Leaf Creature was born.  I’ve decided to honor those roots this year…both of my family and of my blog!

So, I’ve gotten started on writing pysanky early this year…and I have a couple of elves that are going to help me distribute them around the city over Easter weekend.  Because there can never be too much wonder in the world!

Speaking of wonder, I’m AMAZED and incredibly grateful with how well my Kickstarter campaign in going! It’s only four days in and already over 65% funded! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a children’s book about a lovable, community minded transgender dragon called The Secret Wish of Dragon H.  Please feel free to share it far and wide to help create acceptance the world over!

Much love,

Guerrilla Lovely


4 thoughts on “The Pysanky Project

  1. I remember with fondness going to your great grandmother’s house in Kamsack and decorating eggs. She created works of art while mine were generally one colour. However, the experience remains with me. Thanks for reminding me of that time and keep up your work with pysanky and distributing them around lucky Edmonton.

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  2. Thank-you for your guerrilla art! I came across your basket full of beautiful eggs in the gazebo tonight and really appreciated the sentiment of the poem. I was feeling a bit lonely, and unloved as I sometimes do when I’m alone, tonight I was reminded that love and wonder are truly all around us and you never know when some beautiful soul is going to touch you with a much appreciated piece of art, poetry, and a blessing! A beautiful piece now sits on my shelf as a reminder!

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