Being the Easter Bunny!

Easter Eve is upon us…so I hop, hop, hopped over to the park with a basket of hand-decorated pysanky which I had spent the past few weeks writing and placed them in the centre of the somewhat snowbound gazebo.  Amidst the gently nesting eggs sat a greeting card with a painting by the mystic, Kahlil Gibran, and a quote by likewise on the back. It read, “All you hours are wings/ that beat through space from self to self.” 

For some reason, the quote and serenity of Gibran’s visual work seemed to fit with the spirit of this action I was embarking on, and it gave me a thrilling charge to be melding our art together into one message of love and wonder for whomever discovered the treasure of the pysanky. 

 As a final touch, I wrote a short poem of my own to bless the eggs and their recipients.
Because, as Margaret Atwood famously said, “A word after a word after a word is power.” I believe that sentiment very strongly. I believe that words have the power to heal the world; maybe not my words, but our words? Yes. Our words, spoken with love, are infinitely powerful. And our words alongside gifts given freely from the heart? The outcome is a wonderful mystery!

Happy Easter, friends, from my heart to yours! May the season be filled with love and wonder!

Much Love,

Guerrilla Lovely


3 thoughts on “Being the Easter Bunny!

  1. What a lovely set of eggs. And what wonderful thoughts to share at the Easter season! May your thoughtfulness bring joy to others and fulfillment to you.


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